Do you feel as if your negative emotions are holding you back?

Negative emotions will stop you in your tracks and prevent you from finding, or even seeing the good. When you're deep in the negativity, finding joy and gratitude looks impossible, but there are strategies to help. I want to help you see joy and gratitude, and live the life you desire with Emotional Mastery, and there's one very simple formula to doing so.

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As a double-widower, grief magnified those negative emotions:

>>  Angry because they died.

>>  Fearful for what was to come next.

>>  Shame about how things in my life turned out.

>>  Anxious about the future.

>>  Apathetic because I had nobody in my life.

>>  Deep in Despair where I felt there was no hope.

>>  And Guilt... why was I still here? And what could I have done differently?

I'll bet you've felt one of those emotions.

I am James LaVeck, the author of Life After Losses: A Memoir of Self-Healing and Moving Past Grief: A Collection of Stories and Strategies to Help You Heal

I share my story about being widowed twice before my 48th birthday, and the aftermath and growth from those experiences. I now help others find their path to living a fuller life.