Do you feel as if your negative emotions are holding you back?

Not sure that I can help?

As a double-widower, grief magnified those negative emotions:

>>  Angry because they died.

>>  Fearful for what was to come next.

>>  Shame about how things in my life turned out.

>>  Anxious about the future.

>>  Apathetic because I had nobody in my life.

>>  Deep in Despair where I felt there was no hope.

>>  And Guilt... why was I still here? And what could I have done differently?

I'll bet you've felt one of those emotions.

I am James LaVeck, the author of Life After Losses: A Memoir of Self-Healing and Moving Past Grief: A Collection of Stories and Strategies to Help You Heal

I share my story about being widowed twice before my 48th birthday, and the aftermath and growth from those experiences. I now help others find their path to living a fuller life.